The author, R.L. Cook, was valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA, nominated for inclusion into Who’s Who Among American High School Students, The  National Dean’s List, completed all the curriculum for an Elementary Education (teacher) degree from Cedarville University, a prestigious faith-based private college in Cedarville, Ohio and decided to go a different direction and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Palm Beach Atlantic University, another faith-based private college in southeastern Florida with over 20 years experience. The author is the DISCOVERER, patentee and inventor, of the first e-Business marketing & sales (Customer Relationship Management or “CRM”) “mobile app” web based application or computer program U.S. Patent No. 7,340,411. (See Portfolio) She independently conceived her idea and filed for a patent in 1998–several years before Salesforce.com filed for patents based on her work right after her patent application was published/public in 2002!

Interests and beliefs include nature, charities, seeking the truth and justice for those who are verifiably harmed, showing tolerance, genuine remorse for harm caused with commensurate compensation, followed by mercy (forgiveness); genuine compassion for fellow humans, other sentient living creatures, and our planet; research, writing, genealogy, humanities, fine arts, classical literature, science, astronomy, astrology, law, (including common law on which statutory law is based from the Magna Carta) history, archaeology, anthropology, cosmology, ontology, healing arts,  metaphysical psychology, astrotheology, and philosophy (and gourmet cooking of course).

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The University of Science and Philosophy

After years of meticulous research using reputable, verifiable, and corroborative sources of information, the author DISCOVERED they have a rich royal heritage including ancestral cousins to the Houses of Stewart and Hanover dating back to the 1500s and Lady Helenor (a/k/a Helen or Eleanor nee’ Stewart) Hay (aka Eleanor or Helen) of Lennox, Scotland (SEE PHOTO BELOW OF LENNOX CASTLE). They learned they are a direct descendant of industrial pioneers like the Falmouth, Devon, Cornwall U.K. ship port and ironworks foundry and waterworks engineer, Samuel Blatch Cox. He was Rachael’s great-great-grandfather whose son Edward Blatch Cox was Top Salesman for the National Biscuit Company (NABISCO). (See Edward Blatch Cox ancestry)

cawthorne family portrait

Henry’s sister, dressmaker Hattie Chapman (center), Rachael’s great-grandmother (circa 1933) Eleanor (nee’ Blatch aka Black/Blacche Cox) Cawthorne far right. Her sons, Francis and Harold, an otolaryngologist surgeon, are on the left with his first wife Myrtle in the center. Rachael’s mother and aunt are the child and baby respectively.

Their Blatch-Cox family tree (below) states they came over to England from Hanover with William of Orange (aka King William III)!


The author also DISCOVERED they are a very distant cousin, (a ninth half-cousin, 7 times removed), to the legendary but real historic figure, hero, Harvard graduate, land developer, and apple orchard pioneer, the generous and kind Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman through a maternal grandfather’s mother, piano teacher and dressmaker Hattie Chapman, sister of Henry Chapman.

grt uncle henry

He was a store bookkeeper for the Mathieson Alkali Works/Olin Chemical Company which owned the small company-town until it was incorporated as an independent municipality in 1930 when Henry became the very first Mayor (per 1930 U.S. Census). Henry and Hattie came from a Pennsylvania Dutch beef cattle farm family (Gilliland-Whitaker-Allen) who settled in the beautiful Appalachian mountains around Saltville, VA in the late 1800s. Henry married Eva M. Turner of Richmond, VA, Rachael’s great aunt. Eva’s brother Edwin Randolph (nee’ Povall) Turner married Richard Hunt Randolph’s daughter, Hannah Brown Randolph. Thus, Rachael is related to President Thomas Jefferson, through his mother, Jane Randolph, who married Peter Jefferson.* Randolphs are the namesake of the Randolph (freemasonry) Lodge in Richmond.

King Edward I was President Jefferson’s 14th generations back grandfather. Numerous famous persons are related to them (see Rachael’s famous family).

Col. Thomas Turner IV wed Eliza Carter Randolph and was legal guardian of General Robert E. Lee. Robert wed Mary Anna Randolph Custis, the witty, artistic great-granddaughter of Martha Washington. The couple had seven children, to whom Lee was powerfully attached since he lost his father at a young age (See Lee’s ancestry).

Rachael’s great-great-great-great grandfather Joshua Chapman wed Mary Lee on 2/7/1777. Eva’s father Lt. Thomas Povall Turner had two wives, Indiana Wilson and Rose Dillard. Eva was the youngest child and only favored daughter of Rose and her highly decorated military officer father.  Henry and Eva and some of their Randolph and Turner kin are buried where several presidents are in Hollywood cemetery in Richmond.


*Interested persons may verify these facts by contacting Rachael’s cousin, Dr. Edwin Randolph Turner III, Director of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, and author of several books about Pocahontas (a/k/a Rebecca Rolfe), Captain John Smith, and his archaeological discoveries. Other sources: “A Wiltshire Saga,” Sheila Bell, author, available through Amazon.com/UK; WWW.ANCESTRY.COM, official and professional genealogical research by an independent researcher available by request, including legal, court, U.S. census, and family tree records, and The United States Patent and Trademark Office.




The famous travel book author, Dame Freya Stark, is Rachael’s great aunt, a centenarian, living from 1893-1993. She was an accomplished linguist and volunteer nurse during WWI. Her bravery led her to travel often disguised as a man through dangerous territory in Syria, Persia, and other Arabic lands spawning “Letters from Syria,” “Valley of the Assassins,” and over two dozen travel books including a film about her adventurous life. She founded an organization called Brotherhood of Freedom and through her diplomatic efforts, united the Arabs to bring peace to their homelands. Her maternal grandmother married into the House of Rospigliosi from which Pope Clement IX was descended and lived in northern Italy. Her father, Robert Stark, was a famous sculptor whose bronze sculptures are still on display at the Tate Gallery in London. Freya’s sister, Vera Stark, wed Count Mario di Roascio in 1922 at Dronero.

villa freya-asolo italy.jpg

If any one reading this may be related to any of these people or if you want to discover who you may be related to, please Contact Us. Thank you. You may be pleasantly surprised!


* * *

A divine spark or essence fragment of the golden Light of God dwells within each individual colored by each unique personality and experience. The author hopes that those who read the divinely inspired works below will be touched and moved by them to DISCOVER how to love themselves and others, and to DISCOVER how to live peaceably with all mankind. “Perfect love casts out fear.” Our feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds (or lack thereof) create our reality. May yours be wonder full!

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The University of Science and Philosophy




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